Will They Find A Cure?

Last updated: February 2023

Ask my 12-year-old self and I’d laugh at their face. Back then they only had steroids and a few other things (that weren’t disease-modifying medications MODs). This was 1997-1998. That’s when they really didn’t have anything. They could keep you from getting worse once things started, too, but they really couldn’t keep you from getting worse.

I never thought a pill for MS was possible

I remember some people saying things about a pill. But I didn’t believe them. I thought of a pill for MS much like a pill for diabetes or cancer, etc. Honestly, it sounded ridiculous to me.


Around that time though, Betaseron was invented. I’ll try not to go into how scared I was of needles so you can only guess how much I loved these intramuscular injections. I think my grandfather had to hold me down a few times.


Later Copaxone was invented after that, but it was still a shot through one to go in fatty tissue. (And my grandfather still had to hold me down.) I remember back then we had to mix our own drug. This consisted of a large month-holding box with two bottles, one with the Copaxone and one with the saline, a needle that was meant to mix the drug and a needle that was intended to stay as sharp as possible once the drug was mixed, a couple of alcohol pads to keep everything clean, and probably more. Haha. I can hardly remember now.

One day we'll have a cure

The reason I bring this up is because now we have pre-filled syringes for the same drug. And auto-injectors! We have pills! All the things we didn’t have before we certainly have. So do I think that we will come up with a cure? Of course I do. Maybe not in my lifetime. But one day we will have one.

It only took 30 years with them to come up with everything they came up with, so why not 30 more?

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