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I started having chronic fatigue in approximately 2008 possibly before. I would work everyday for a few months and be okay and then I would awake one morning and just was not able to go anymore. I would have to call in to work. This cycle just kept repeating. I am a medical lab technician that works in a physician;s office and I would be seen by a doctor, have blood work with everything showing normal. In 2009, the fatigue become worse and was so overwhelming that I struggled to make it to work each day.It took until 2015 for me to be diagnosed with RRMS. I feel that I no longer have RRMS. I feel that it has progressed because unfortunately I have a lot more bad days than good. I still work full time and am usually down almost every weekend due to working all week. Fatigue has been my worst symptom however, I have blurred vision and balance issues. If anyone is having symptoms that persist and you know that it is not your normal be persistent and follow through to get an answer.If I would have kept letting myself go just because the doctors that I went to could not find anything wrong, I would still not have been diagnosed to this day. MS is a terrible disease that has no mercy. It is so unique to each individual. I think that is one of the reasons that it can be difficult to diagnose.

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