Dana's MS story

This is my first blog. So hello.

I'm 42. I was diagnosed in 06. My story is kinda strange. I worked so much I shrugged off the tingling in my hands. The weakness in my legs to work. One morning woke up couldn't hardly walk move my head the pain was unbearable.

My primary Dr found it first. I mean after 6 years of looking, my neuro. confirmed it. I had no idea what it was. I was just hand it a pamphlet and another appointment.

I have lost all my friends it has ruined my marriage. I have been on most all the meds, except the new ones. I was told my heart rate is too low. I stay in alot of pain. I have got other things wrong but my ms scares me the worst.

All I have been told is all we can do is try to keep you comfortable. I'm scared.

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