Darned if I do..Darned if I don't !!!!

These are my feeling forwards MS medications! You see I was diagnosed in 08' after being able to produce a backlog of different events in my life from the time that I was 15 yrs old on that I had noticeable "things going on". But I was always diagnosed with a pinched nerve etc.. So finally when I did get an actual diagnosis of RRMS, I was in the of a relapse. I had just has a spinal tap done that day and 3 MRI's done the following day. That was Friday on the following Monday a nurse showed up at my door as promised with a steroid infusion ball. He was wonderful explained everything and sat with me thru my first infusion with no problems. Me being very sensitive to even Tylenol and the sort he just sat with me and did the whole procedure. This was a five day infusion on the last day which was Friday I had to call a nurse to come out because my pickline was leaking. I waited what seemed hours til she arrived til finally she got there and began. It wasn't even 4 mins into my infusion and my head felt like it was going to explode. I suffered a hemmorhagic brain bleed. So now here is my problem I will not ever take sol-u-Medrol again any other steroid scares the day lights out of me I am allergic to several other meds it now appears "not due to any of this" just traumatized by one moment I am fine the next I am completely paralyzed on my left side from nose to toes and because I have relapses I cannot seem to get to far with physical therapy.

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