How I deal with MS

In April of 2008, I had just finished a long, busy season. As a CPA doing taxes, that's what you do. I was use to it. What I didn't expect was what happened afterwards.

I was at a baseball stadium for an event when I stumbled down a flight of stairs. I never had balance issues and this was the first time I recall never being able to balance myself. I almost fell over a rail onto spectators below, but was stopped by someone. I was less than 3 feet away from slamming into the plexiglass and I am pretty certain it wouldn't have stopped my momentum.

A day later, I experienced double vision while driving. The next day, I tried talking and sounded drunk. My sister commented I sounded drunk, but she knows I don't drink. After a weekend of uncontrollable muscle spasms and walking like I had been drinking gallons of alcohol with no food, I finally went to the hospital. After a series of tests (one saying I had a stroke), I was told with 90% certainty I had MS. It was later confirmed after further testing.

I wasn't the best MS patient starting out. I was miserable, uncertain of what was in store for me. With time, I have adjusted, learn to enjoy life more and laugh every day. Work is not as important to me now and I retired on disability, so I could enjoy time with my wife and 12-year old daughter.

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