My Dealings with MS

I was first diagnosed in 2005 with Ms, the very first thing I did was cry! I thought how am I going to make it.. Well, I'm stubborn enough to keep moving forward.. You have to, look at it as a way of life.. Meaning, you have it, it doesn't have you! This is 2015 and I deal with it.. Yes things get very hard for me at times, I have to walk with mobility aids.. I also have Chrohn's disease with an ileostomy.. Meaning I have a bag attached to my side.. I'm not going to get down about it because it has really humbled me.. You have to throw vanity out the window and do the very best you can with what you have..I have a twenty year old daughter who goes to college, I want her to know that she has a strong mother! Yes I get fatigued, yes I fall with my balance issues, but I want her to know that even though I have Secondary Progressive MS, it won't stop me from being or doing what I have to! The very best thing she said to me was, mom, I've watched you for years keep going forward, I wanna be as strong as you! It brought tears to my eyes! So, the moral is, keep on keepin on! Don't ever let MS get you down.. Remember, there are people out there who have it harder then us! Kathie

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