Living on the River of Denial

I was diagnosed at age 33.I think I had it prior to that. My ex-husband (a medical professional) and my children were the only ones who knew.

The secret was out

I continued to work for fifteen years as a psychotherapist until I could no longer keep it hidden; that was fifteen years. I was “invited” to retire. I finally did, didn’t want to but I was exhausted. I was falling down in the parking lot due to the humidity. The secret was out.

We know ourselves best

MS has been a journey, a learning experience Now I am retired and have been since 2002. God has been so good. I am still walking, although not gracefully! I am remarried, happy, and living the good life here in the West. I’m no longer scared to talk about it and will do so if it’s appropriate. I have learned to live in the moment. I still ride horses and even dance once in a while. Adjustments make us stronger and creative. For all those with MS, listen to that angel on your shoulder. We know ourselves best.

Godspeed to you all,

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