Depression and MS

I was diagnosed about 17 years ago. I am very fortunate not to have extreme symptoms and a very loving spouse. My youngest son died from a heroin OD three years ago this month so it has been really tough this May as usual. I try and just keep thinking positive and from time to time I speak to young people about the affect of drug use on others in their lives. Knowing that I may make a difference in some way gives me a boost for myself. I attempt to keep doing as much as I can to maintain normalcy despite the MS. I think that is the key to maintain as much as you are able and to find something that you can do not only for yourself (I do crafts and keep busy with friends) but for others. It often takes the focus off your limitations and puts it on your contribution to life. My faith as a Christian keeps me from the pity parties I could have if I gave in. God gets me through it all!

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