Not diagnosed

Let me first say that I haven't been diagnosed with MS.

I felt that this site could shed some light on a particular symptom I have had for some time.

I would suspect that a great many of you had questions about your symptoms before your diagnosis. You may have had Doctors think you were crazy and say things like "Now, does that sound like MS?" My Doctor said that to me and I said "yes," MS is different in each person. So, I hope that you all understand why I'm here. I know the rules to this site and do not seek medical advise or confermation of MS.

I seek feedback on your knowledge of a particular symptom. The symptom I refer to is abdominal banding...squeezing. I want to know if there are other plausible explanations to this symptom that I could at least look into.

Thanks for your help, and I hope all of you are doing as well as possible.

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