Diagnosed at 25

I went to many appointments and had so many tests done but the doctors couldn't find anything wrong, so I gave up. Now its 7 years later, still have been having the tingling sensation but developed a new symptom. I became numb on the right side of my body, so I decided to give the doctors another chance and try to figure out what was wrong.

So I went to the neurologist that my mother goes to, she also has M.S., and he ordered blood work, and a MRI of my spine. I went back to his office on Monday 7/15/2013 because my MRI came back abnormal, after going threw my tests and symptoms I was diagnosed with M.S.

Another doctor came into the room and she started talking to me about a year long clinical trial they want me to try and suggesting I start doing yoga everyday along with a healthy diet (i have a little bit of a sweet tooth :)).

It was all very overwhelming. I was then booked for another MRI but this one of my brain and another appointment to take spinal fluid.

All I keep thinking is "I am way too young for this". I went from never having anything wrong with me, no surgery's, broken bones, stitches, hospital visits, nothing...to having Multiple Sclerosis.....

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