Diagnosed at Last

Last updated: September 2022

I first had a problem with my legs after an emergency appendectomy at 29 weeks pregnant. I had other illnesses after. Then at 27 I had a bad but undiagnosed dose of Glandular Fever which I realize now went into MS symptoms. Lots of symptoms over the years. Pins and needles in legs and face. Left eye blacked out for a short time. Giddy heads and electric shocks down the spine. Bladder issues on and off and burning feet and badly aching legs and restless legs.

I began to research for answers

Long story short last year I decided to check out Dr Google as some of my symptoms were getting more often and more severe. I talked to my GP about my symptoms and she agreed we should check out MS. Diagnosed May 2021. I was 72 at the time.

Working with my doctor

Today I see my neurologist again to check out if my new and lasting symptoms are telling me my MS is progressing as my neurologist thought I was inactive at the moment.
I was happy to finally know what has been ailing me all these years so I’m not unhappy it’s MS. It could have been worse. It’s easier than fighting something unknown.
The fatigue is the most annoying part at the moment. I’ll see what the verdict is tomorrow. Thanks for having the patience to read my story.

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