Ten year mystery solved!

August 2010. It was a Saturday. I was sick with what I thought was a 24 hour bug. Both ends going continually and a massive headache. Sunday felt like ‘the day after the night before’ Exhausting. Back to work Tuesday, sat at my desk, rested my head on my hand as I was exhausted from the 20 min drive.


To my surprise, I couldn’t feel the right side of my face. Phoned Dr, who told he to come up the surgery immediately. Turns out my whole right side went numb. In 2 days! MRI showed a large lesion deep in the left side golf my brain. Steroids followed...

Weakness in leg

Jump forward to August 2020. Left leg starts feeling very strange, weak and very odd. Back to Neurologist who orders another MRI on brain. Shows lesion had grown. Steroids for 3 days which made me feel so sick, but seemed to help.

Finally a diagnosis!

Diagnosed with MS - finally an answer!!! Naming the Beast was a great day for me!! Then January 9, 2021. Woke up with blurry vision in left eye. Back to Dr who sent me to Emergency dept at hospital. After 3 weeks I got in to see eye specialist who diagnosed Optic Neuritis.

Another lesion

Another relapse!! Neurologist finally ordered a MRI of my spinal cord and there he found a lesion- the one responsible for my left leg in August! So now, with 2 relapses within a year, I now have meds. Teriflunomide which I started yesterday. And do my journey continues... I nap every afternoon for 2-3 hours. I’m unable to work due to fatigue. I’m lucky to have an amazingly supportive hubby and kids.

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