Diagnosis by Urologist

In 1986 I had a bad UTI. Primary Care Doc sent me to urologist. Tests showed a bladder that looked like chicken pox inside. I was on antibiotics for 12 weeks. That Urologist told me to come back when the UTIs returned.

After a trip to DisneyWorld in 1988, I can tell you where all the bathrooms are located. So it was time to see another urologist (we had moved).

Of course a UTI was diagnosed. After antibiotic therapy, I was okay for a while. UTIs recurred, so some testing was completed and more antibiotics. This experienced urologist wanted me to get a MRI. Being a dutiful patient, I complied. I remember sitting in the waiting room reading about MRIs. It said MS could be detected. I had no idea what the urologist was looking for.

Within the week. the urologist called to tell me the results. This doctor, while very knowledgeable, had no beside manner and announced, over the phone, I had MS.

My primary care doctor sent me to a neurologist. He was willing to send to NRI for another opinion. So with 3 opinions given... I was offically diagnosed with MS January 1989.

Today my bladder is under control thanks to University of Maryland's urology department. Closer to home, I have a wonderful PA that helps me manage my other MS symptoms. Balance and spasticity are issues. Add constipation too. :( I do walk with a walker. Long distance I use an electric scooter.

But all in all, my MS is manageable. Of course I look forward to a cure. I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

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