Diagnosis is Not a Death Sentence

Hi all, I know if you're reading this you're a fellow MS patient or a caregiver. So you have had a diagnosis day. This is my day.

The day I was diagnosed

I went to my primary's Dr office. I was going to follow-up on test. He was very calm as he delivered the news. Multiple Sclerosis. The words shook me to my core; I had a daughter starting kindergarten. My world in one sentence was turned upside-down. Then came the first round of steroids and all the fun from them. My body didn't respond to well, so I needed a second.

Raising children with MS

All the time this is going on, I am being a mother to my 5-year-old. She was the bright spot on the bad days. She is my why. Then eventually I had my son. I didn't let my MS slow me down. I took each day at as they came. With a disease that has no set path.

Just live your days to the fullest, and on the rough ones give yourself grace. Like my title says, our diagnosis is not a death sentence. Good luck on your journey.

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