Still Being Diagnosed

After years of feeling like MS was what I was dealing with, it is finally being considered. As I had what they initially said was a stroke in July, now it seems that has changed to an MS flare, the spot that was called a stroke appears to be. New lesion, so now 2 on the brain, yet nothing on the spine. Dr wants to do the lumbar puncture, and after reading some other stories and seeing descriptions of the MS Hug I think I have had them off and on for years.

Shrugged off my healthcare professionals

Every time I have tried to explain what I am feeling to a Dr or healthcare professional, they just have shrugged it off and said don’t know what could be causing it. But let me share and maybe someone can tell me if it could be! It can happen at any time of day yet happens mostly at evening or night and it can wake me up. It starts out as a feeling of tightness in the trunk or midsection of my body and a feeling of warmth comes over me in that area and anxiety or restlessness. It doesn’t last real long but does come and go a few times once it starts for a bit and it can be very uncomfortable like I want to jump out of my skin!

Major, throbbing pain

Now I am dealing with major shoulder and left arm pain that is very painful. It goes from just a mild pain to sharp or throbbing pain in the upper left arm, also hurts in my armpit at times and causing tenderness in the left breast and sometimes an occasional sharp pain. I saw my cardiologist yesterday to get my clearance to get the LP done and heart and EKG were fine, so I’m now having a heart attack I’m guessing just some nerve pain as nothing I have I can take eases the pain. I take a medication for heart rhythm that interacts with so many meds and Eliquis because I am also Afib and too many meds interact with it, so I’m stuck with just Tylenol for now. My Neuro dr is out of town until Monday after Thanksgiving so another week of nothing to take for it 😐

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