My Dx of MS

To start with, my mom was a bitch to all medical staff until she found out what was wrong with her baby. She used to be in the medical field. Thank goodness.

A sign of my first symptoms

My first symptoms were when I missed a fraud check (I worked at a bank reconciliation dept), beginning of February 1999. $3.5 million and yes it went to a Swiss bank. At the end of month the account had a check with odd number. Physically pulled check and saw it was a fake. Tried to return it but it was too late. Nothing was written on my daily reports for that day. Which was unusual. I told my bosses right away.

Two days later I was escorted off property by security. Interview several times by bank officials and FBI. All asking if I benefited from said fraud. Holy hell, would I still be living where I am if I got any $$$?!?

Hadn't yet been diagnosed with MS

This was March 1999. Several customers called the bank irate about me not being there. The company that had the fraud hit actually called me at home to tell me that they didn’t blame me (+bank is FDIC). I had several awards and accommodations on my work for the 4 yrs and 10 months (vestment happens at 5 years). My bosses told HR I had all my sick days & vacation days (which I didn’t). Along with ‘personal’ days; now called mental health days.
Now this ‘attack’ could not be proven it was MS because I hadn’t been dx yet.

My multiple sclerosis diagnosis

June 1999: S/T & L/T memory problems, cognitive problems, tongue went numb, 1/2 face went numb, drove through a red light after stopping. Nothing outwardly wrong.

June 12 had my first migraine. Went to ER, with Mom. Her friend, the doctor, advised us to go to a bigger hospital. Either she takes me or he was ordering an ambulance. We drove.

Neuro ordered an MRI, w & w/o contrast.

On the 21st my PCP called me with results, I have MS.

Why I changed doctors

Neuro tried to say cognitive problems were from stress. Wha?!?!
This doctor was - if no problems you see, it wouldn't need treatment.

I switched doctors.

Treatment experience

Have been on Avonex (2 applications), Copaxone (12yrs), and now Tysabri infusions (3 yrs).

Daily symptoms

Symptoms now daily are numbness in hands (like neuropathy), back spasms, migraines, fatigue, cognitive sucks and I can’t do numbers anymore. Bank job was my dream job.

I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, friend & survivor of MS.
Family involved in Fire/EMS, boating on local rivers and time with grandkids.
Thank you for reading.

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