Didn't understand it until I had it.

Last updated: August 2013

My mother had MS. I tried to understand the disease and learn as much as I could attending her support group meetings, taking trips to her Dr. but I didn't really understand what she was going through. About 4 years before she passed away I became more clumsy, fatigued, spastic legs jumping more and more. This is when I was first seen by my first Neurologist, and discovered that I too have MS.

We decided to keep my diagnosis a secret from my mother as I knew her reaction would not help her failing condition. It wasn't until she passed away I shared my condition with the rest of my family. Since then they have shown tremendous support and understanding. Not a single day go's by I regret my decision to keep my diagnosis to myself.

Someday we will be together again, and I'm sure she is proud of the fight I am waging. Recently after working for 13 years with the condition I am realizing my work life is coming to a close. I am a former Police Investigator, Firefighter EMT and now currently on a medical leave from the Nuclear Security field.

MS want me to give in, I just want to have a better tomorrow.


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