Listen To Your Body and Talk To All Your Doctors

I was diagnosed with MS in 2000 and started medication to help slow down the relapses. The BEST ADVICE I received from my Neurologist was "Listen to your body." After being diagnosed and on medication I had two major relapses 12 and half month apart, that came while I was at work both times. Two of my co-workers took me home one driving my car. Both times it caused me bladder problems (spastic bladder - no control, urgency and frequency), difficulty walking, and balance problems. I had a very high stress job and stress is usually what cause the worst in my MS.

Getting onto SSD

I talked to my Neurologist and at that time he felt that I should file for SSD (Plus, I had quite a few other health problems). I contacted all my Specialist and explained how my MS and other health conditions were affecting me with my job and personal life. They all agreed to write a letter and send medical records at my request to SSD. I was awarded SSD the first time I applied by giving them all the information that they requested, and my Doctor's letters and medical records is the whole reason, I received SSD within 4 months after filing. (NOTE: SSD does not provide medical coverage / Medicare for 24 months. So you must have either Cobra or Private Insurance). Awarded in 2008.

Once I was awarded SSD, I signed up at our Local Sports Club that had Silver Sneakers for water aerobics twice a week, which helped improve my balance and walking. I could also walk the track with a rollator. Eventually, I was able to use a cane to walk. Unfortunately, COVID-19 closed the facility. My body lost a lot of the strength I had gained during COVID and went back to using a Rollator if I have to walk a longer distance of if my legs feel fatigued. Otherwise, I use my cane.

Turning to my doctors and therapist

The hospital that my Specialist are with have a very large Physical Therapy Department off of the Hospital Campus - MS Physical Therapist, Occupation Therapy Speech Therapy, Sports Therapy (I injured my Achilles Tendon), Hand Therapy, Lymphedema Therapy (I have Lymphedema in both legs), and Pelvic Therapy. They also offer MS EXERCISE CLASSES, which is not covered by Medicare, but I'm thankful that I can get assistance with the cost. I have been in all of the different Therapies they offer but Hand Therapy. The Therapist and all the staff at this location are excellent and if you are not able to do something they find something else that you can get the same benefit from sitting or what ever.
It is important to be able to trust your Doctors and Therapist.

Learn to laugh at yourself if you have MS Fog. I called it a Brain Fart.

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