Doctors Dismissing Symptoms for Over 20 Years!

I've had multiple symptoms and other factors for many, many years since my mid 20's that doctors in 3 different states dismissed, and I'm now in my 50's! Living in Massachusetts, I didn't know back then what was wrong, I just knew and felt something wasn't right. But when you're in your 20's, doctors just chalk things up to "growing pains".

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis

I started noticing things that were happening to me and things I was feeling in my body around age 23 or close to it. But every time I would go to the doctors, it was like no one heard a word I was saying!! Moving to North Carolina in '91 and to Florida in '94 I went through similar responses from doctors in both states! It wasn't until 2016 when my primary doctor started documenting my symptoms, things like my falls, amongst other things, and sent me to a neurologist. After many MRIs, blood, and other tests to rule things out and 2 spinal taps by 2 different neurologists (2nd opinion) on 7/16/2016 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis!

Why was I dismissed by so many doctors for so many years?

Once MS was explained to me, what it does to my body and will do, treatments and especially the symptoms of it, everything finally fit!! I finally knew what was happening to me and had happened to me, things made sense now! But why had at least 5 different doctors in 3 different states not put 2+2 together? Why was I dismissed so easily for so many years? I could have gotten treatment over 30 years ago had just 1 doctor took the time to listen!!

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