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It doesn’t have to hurt

I was diagnosed with MS May 3, 2013. That’s a date I’ll never forget. I felt like my whole world was collapsing around me. Just hearing the words, Multiple Sclerosis, was earth shattering. I wondered how did this happen, when did this happen, and what do I do to make this go away. The only question I got an answer to was how do I make it go away. The answer, I can’t. This is probably the most devastating news I’ve ever received.

After a year, I’m still trying to wrap my head around it, but it’s getting easier to handle. I’m on Baclofen, Ampyra and Vemma.  The combination of the Baclofen and Ampyra help with my balance and mobility. The Vemma eliminates the pain. For me this is the regimen that works. The combination helps me to cope. I’m beginning to love my life again. Each day gets a little better and a little brighter. I wake up with a smile that’s not forced. My tears lately are tears of joy and I am extremely thankful for all the support from my family. Life is good in spite of MS!!

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  • Laura Kolaczkowski
    5 years ago

    That first year tends to be the toughest – most of us get blindsided by the diagnosis of MS and then we have to wrap our brain and emotions around the idea. I’m glad you are coming out of the period feeling a bit more confident. best, Laura

  • Sue
    5 years ago

    charmaine, I was diagnosed on April 24, 2013! Unfortunately, that was my birthday and I was too sick to celebrate. I have since changed doctors (he was not working for me!) and am currently taking Baclofen for stiffness and Gilenya for MS. Plus a few assorted other things for diabetes and hypothyroidism. I am the autoimmune trifecta! So I work out for balance, which seems to be working pretty well. I may get wobbly but I don’t fall down. AND I’ve lost nearly 40 pounds since February 2013.

    So I understanding how you’re feeling and hope you continue to do as well as you can.

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