...I don't believe you ;)

My name is Kasia and I am from Poland. My MS was diagnosed.. 11 years ago (oh.. i didn't realize so much time passed!). During this time I had only two episodes with dizziness (very strong dizziness going on through whole week). Besides these problems I feel great however my MRI result is getting worse and worse. I started interferon treatment 8 years ago. At the moment my doctor said there is no point in taking interferon still and he changed it to Copaxone (each day with injection? oh no... ;( ). In general he is confused I don't have any clinical symptoms, it is quite strange for me as well becuse in MRI it looks like my MS is all the time active. Really terryfying.. one day everything will explode. ;/

I am rather an active person, I go to gym 3 times a week, i love swimming.. playing guitar (but I am not perfect guitarist). Lots of plans, some dreams to come true..Sometimes it is hard to believe that such serious diseadse affected me and some doctors are sure I have to take some drugs and I have to do injections and I should attenuate my immune system.

One question... if all of you are so sure? The question has bothered me these 11 years.. quite long, but I have never find satisfing answer. ;P

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