Don't Grouse, Degauss. If You Can't Chill Out, Chelate.

I've written using this title so many times because it so aptly describes what I am doing about ridding myself of the yoke of MS. I'm sitting on the edge of the bed writing this on my laptop. Downstairs, are my wife's son-in-law and a friend excavating the ground floor because I am convinced it hides a treasure of great significance.

Five years ago I could have helped a little but not now. MS has made me a spectator in everything.
Fortunately, if that's the right word, before being bedridden, I used a bit of the remaining grey matter, together with my engineering knowhow, to think if there was an alternative reason that I have been ill for 34 years, that the promises of a cure by the medical profession that haven'i come to anything could never help, but I needed to find something else concrete that fits all the published statistics and in short have done it.

The problem is it is so far off mainstream thinking, it needs so much explanation, that any technical writing with diagrams, photos, and experiments to model it are almost pointless and apart from a few doctors who give it a cursory inspection it is filed under WPB.

Oh well, that's life. But, I shall continue to use it because it is slowly working and symptoms of more than 30 years are disappearing little by little. Like the excavation below, I have hope that one day the answer will be found.

That's my story.

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