Don't grouse, degauss. If you can't chill out, chelate.

I was first diagnosed MS after eyesight problems started in 1983. That followed many tests at Queen Square and finally an MRI in 1987 at the same hospital in London. My MS progressed but I continued to work as Chief Production Engineer despite many falls and then a wheelchair. That was until 1990, when I was pensioned off.

My health improved but I still had symptoms that affected eyesight and balance. Following divorce, I relocated to the Med. coast of Spain in 2006 where I still live with my third wife. My symptoms worsened. A further MRI confirmed MS and I am now virtually bedridden.

BUT all is not lost. About five years ago, applying my engineering know-how, I discovered that my MS is not an autoimmune condition but is due to an overload of magnetite that vibrates at 50Hz due to tiny electromagnetic fields and literally wears holes in the myelin. Armed with this, I have found a simple way to stop further damage AND a separate means to reduce symptoms, gradually. This I am still using and for instance, oscilopsia of 34 years is fast disappearing as I write.

I cannot put it more honestly than that but not one agency throughout the World has shown any interest.........

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