Don't let it be complicated...just let it be

That sounds so much easier than it it really is, doesn't it? Since my diagnosis in August, 2014 I have struggled with the daily fear of, "Is this the day of the next relapse?" What a horrible way to think and live.

I just started to attempt yoga -mind you I have the balance of one-legged giraffe- but what I've learned in a very short time is to live in the 'now' and to breath.

While my every thought is consumed by MS, as I'm on my second relapse in 4 months (Tumefactive MS) I am being coerced in to the 'now' and the mindset of just 'being.' I enjoy family time that leads to distraction from MS. My kids' lives are equally present and in the 'now' despite how fatigued I may feel.
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Life is complicated enough without adding a chronic illness. While I know it could always be MY world, this is devastating. So, don't let it be complicated...just let it be.

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