Doors Opening

Last updated: June 2022

My MS journey, and I witness and see for many, is a narrative about doors closing. Having to leave my job because I wasn't able to cope, and stopping aerobic exercise because it wasn't "good for my MS". The constant challenge can be about adaptation and saying goodbye to things but I want to celebrate a door opening with the fact that after nearly 28 years of MS I have managed to run 5k, non-stop and against the negative self-belief I had established.

It's a big achievement but we all have those moments when we can grow rather than retract, be it testing ourselves to write that story, to get back on a bike that we had mothballed, to have that conversation about our worries regarding our sex life to a loved one, to walk for 5 paces, to apply for that job, to go to a place you had told yourself was to much bother, to take on the challenge of a chair exercise program. Celebrate your individual greatness. You're amazing you do all you do with MS!

Look for the door you can open.

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