Dying yet living with Love.

My story begins very early stage. I will give a short version, as I'm writing a book. No one could understand, why I was accident prone. Fire prone. Mum used to keep me away from fire especially. Pain horrendous with my joints. No pain killers gave relieve. Morphine given as I used to take a hammer hitting my legs/joints. Rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid problems, then leukemia - survived all these. Married. Lost six children still births. Never gave up. Wanted my own child. Pray ,belief in super power, miracle boy born alive, even though I lived on only milk & rice nine months or more. Son would only live on milk & rice too till 8 yrs till I put him to boarding school.

Problems. Every moment of fatigue, fibromyalgia, only one doctor in Perth came up with MS. I couldn't believe it that my myelin sheath is giving me trouble. Now nearly 68 yrs old... I have been in a wheelchair... I use a walker regularly, do hydro 5 times a week. Keeps me going. Looking after my cancer/open heart surgery hubby with severe neurological problems in a wheelchair too. He is very kind, knows when I can't do much, must rest... or my condition worsens. My heart-atrial fibrillation-on Warfarin, PE& DVT, Asthma, severe car accident in 200, paralyzed, been blind for six months... I feel at times Im dead now, I can't get up... In winter can't move even in bed. Summer, heat gives anxiety, had epileptic fit, on crutches at home.... Every day I feel I'm dying ...but I'm still living. I never tell anyone I have MS... As no one believes me except my professional colleagues. Yes, I'm retired naturopathic physician. Taking, trying new alternative meds & give myself acupuncture when in pain or think I'm dying now ... Yet I'm living till now. All by sisters/brothers died very young age.. Why am I still alive I think I still help people in need, forgetting my own suffering, most of the times. So I believe many people feel they are dying each day yet like me they are living... Three Cheers MS!!! Anna

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