Electric Chair Boo Hiss

My wife always counsels me to turn off my powerchair when not in use such as a visit to the bathroom, a transfer process I have perfected - or so I thinketh. There is a reason for said caution around anything electrical but I don't reason very well.

How it happened

With business finished for at least for an hour of my day, time to get rolling again wherein I steady myself against the wall while pivoting when a myoclonic "spasm" threw me to the floor, on the graceful descent, my shirt sleeve snagged the controller and yes, I inadvertently set things in motion, viz., I got run over by my own chair.

Two feet later (feet?) my sleeve disengaged from the fully operational "ON" controller. Assessing my 1/2 supine/1/2 prone position looking up at my towering now-stopped chair, my legs under the chair I realize I cannot extricate myself. Knowing my dear wife can become hyper-excited as she did previously when I zonked out in the shower waking up to people in blue uniforms wearing blue gloves touching me with wires. (I will not describe how they got me out of the shower. Curious children may be sharpening their reading and comprehension skills reading adult narratives.) I softly call out to my wife I need some help; you know, low priority, take your time, sweetie.

A fire extinguisher to the rescue

A second later she rounds the corner and what I hear is likened to a primal scream, I hear a primal scream at the same time she is reaching for the phone to dial 9-1-1 for the boys and gals in blue (same crew as last time - how embarrassing!). But cool heads pre-vail (mine) and we call our neighbor who is cheaper than a full-blown 9-1-1 assist. Within minutes he arrives with a fire extinguisher in hand. I don't smell smoke, what are you doing, I uttereth?

Gracious neighbor lifts chair off my legs and finding no severed appendages goes home. After my wife reassures me everything will be OK, she gives me a well-deserved "course correction" and turn that chair OFF when not in use. Lesson learned!

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