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Last updated: August 2021

I wrote a bit about this the other day but I think in the wrong place.

I haven't been diagnosed with MS but have wondered in the back of my mind, even without knowing much about it.

Electric shock senstation in my tongue

Recently, I experienced one of the strangest sensations I'd ever felt which was an electric shock sensation in my tongue, followed by a burning sensation that was still there the next morning. This prompted me to see the Dr. I could only see a locum on the day but have now seen my GP. By this time I'd experienced that same sensation in my tongue about 5 times. I sat down and made a list of all the random symptoms I've been having. Some of these I have had tests for in the past. I had my nerves tested in 2017 (all fine). I have also had blood tests for ongoing joint pain, especially in my hands to see if I have arthritis (fine), and saw an ear, nose, and throat specialist for chronic sinus issues (everything was normal. Conclusion: must be muscular skeletal). I have previously told the Dr about these weird electric shock sensations I get in my hands as well as the tingling, especially the right one.

A list of other ongoing symptoms

In addition to these things above my list included:
Tinnitus, noise sensitivity (this has been happening for Years), brain fog, lower back pain on right side and right hip pain (since the appt I have pain in left hip); other strange cognitive stuff going on, having issues saying some things, noticing irregularities in my writing, feeling that my hands and upper arms feel weaker; newer things like pin prick sensations and a sort of burning feeling in my skin - and these have been happening in more places in my body. Some of these have been worse or have been new since my appt.

I feel a bit like I must be imagining it all. But that electric shock in my tongue really got my attention.

Referred to a neurologist

The GP has made a referral to a neurologist. I want to see a new one. I have one already as I have epilepsy due to childhood encephalitis that near killed me. It looks like it will be a long wait due to delays because of Covid. Possibly about 3months. But it could be earlier if there is a cancellation. Fingers crossed!

Grateful to read everyone's stories here

Reading people's stories on here has really resonated with me. I found myself with tears the other day because it just felt so familiar. I think it was a feeling of relief. It is so frustrating when you feel like something really isn't right but all you get it results saying everything is normal.

I am just writing down all my sensations every day. If they are better or worse or if anything new happens.

I am grateful to read everyone's stories here as it feels like I'm not so alone in feeling all these things.

Take care everyone.
And as we say in NZ Kia Kaha (stay strong)

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