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I am a 76 yr old former Registered Nurse. I was 39 at the time of my first symptoms. I am PPMS stable. I haven’t walked in 12 yrs. I can still transfer and do my own ADLs. I would like to connect with someone with similar issues. I’m new to this site. I’m married with 4 grown children, 10 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.

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  • Harriet
    1 year ago

    Hi Eleanor,
    I am 72 years old and a retired college instructor. I too have PPMS and am looking to connect with others who have this garbage disease. With difficulty, I walk short distances with a walker; longer distances in a scooter. I no longer can do any domestic chores. Cooking is my hobby, but now it’s only a few times a year that I can cook just a few items for a gourmet dinner for just my husband and me. At my college I headed up the High Tech Center for the Disabled and the last 10 or so years I was there I did mostly cognitive retraining. If you need help keeping mentally fit, I could probably help. I wish you the best of luck.

    Kind regards,

  • EleanorBuzynski author
    1 year ago

    Harriet. I finally got past this password business. How are you? I’m fine. Actually very healthy except for high cholesteral and MS. I turned 77 yesterday. I wish I could walk. Kids are all grown and busy with their lives. Actually it is boring around here. I don’t have much social life, can’t drive. Giving up my drivers license was hardest thing. I’m done whining for now. Tell me something about yourself. Bye

  • Itzygirl01
    1 year ago

    Hi , I was a registered nurse for almost 30 years I worked in labor and delivery which is a very demanding job before I was diagnosed my manager called me into her office to say I was not doing my job like I was before she changed me to the antepartum unit I felt like I was going crazy I had to write down everything I had to do for my twelve hour shift I was exhausted after each shift but I know I made a difference in my patients lives then one night I was in charge and I had to go to a meeting with all the ob units that we have every shift and I had a headache and I couldn’t see out of one of my eyes the nurse administrator was at the meeting as usual but that night it was my cousin she told me I needed to go to the emergency room and I said I can’t because I had used all of my time and had too many times that I had not come to work without 24 hour notice and I would probably be fired she called my nurse manager and told her she was taking me to the E R and I better not get in trouble so they found someone to take my place and the nurse administrator took me in a wheelchair to the ER they did a bunch of tests and told me to go home and follow up with my neurologist I made an appointment and the neurologist said we think our have MS but we want you to see a specialist so they made me an appointment with a MS specialist and he said of course I had MS my MRI said I had more plaques than the last one which upset me because why didn’t they tell me 10 yrs ago that I had plaques in my brain and he said I had have 2 Strokes I can’t be sure but I think I remember when I had the strokes and I went to the ER and they said you’re alright go home they figured I just wanted pain meds that is the usual thing they would say whenever I went to the ER anyway I had to retire early with disability because nursing was too much stress for me I still miss it . I took care of everyone all of my life my kids, my grand kids, my husband, my neighbor,my patients, everyone and now I have to be taken care of it’s hard .

  • EleanorBuzynski author
    1 year ago

    Itsygirl01 Hi. Sorry it took me so long to reply, I just couldn’t get the password thing. I’m glad to hear from someone with similar issues. Today is turning out to be a busy day so I’ll close now but I just would like you to know that I am happy to connect with you.

  • Erin Rush moderator
    1 year ago

    Hi Eleanor! While I don’t have similar issues, I did want to take a minute to welcome you to the community! I hope you hear from other members that can relate to you and the stage of life you are currently in. Have a good week! Best, Erin, Team Member.

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