Energy work and looking damn good.

I truly believe in the value of "energy work." I have had MS for 13 years. I am disabled from working but don't look sick. My walking is usually good. Fatigue is my main symptom which leads to a tsunami of other symptoms. I simply cannot function if I get too fatigued.

When I see the words self care, I think of my energy work. I take yoga and Qi Gong classes, get reflexology and massage treatments when I can.

All these activities are based on the idea that our bodies have invisible energy meridians. These meridians can become blocked and my activities promote their unblocking. One of these concepts is from yoga. The energy centers are called Chakras and run from our seats to over our heads. There are 7 of them with a color associated with each one. Google chakra charts for more info.

Another self care concept I got from a book called Look Damn Good. It was written by a local author who has sclera derma. The main thing I took from his book is that no matter what, get up and get dressed every day, even if you stay home and feel like crap. It gives my life more purpose and structure. If I am really sick then I can take a sick day and stay in bed in my PJs. But when you have a chronic illness, it is not good to do this too often.

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