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A Day in the Life of...

I just got back from doing some shopping and errand "running" and thought just maybe this might lend some encouragement to someone today.

Running errands alone

I spend a lot of time alone. That said, I have to get out and grocery shop, etc., by myself. It's a 20 minute one way trip into town. I have a small cardboard box on the passenger seat to hold everything that will pertain to this particular run.

Keys... check.
Sunglasses... check.
list... check.
Coupons... check.
Try to think and remember clearly... check?
Emma Jean... check. (She's my 7.5-pound constant companion, and no, she doesn't get put in the box.)

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It's a mental exercise

Then the driving commences and it is an on purpose mental exercise of 4 places to go. That's 4, I keep reminding myself. Park. Attach parking placard, make my way in to store always looking down, where I'm walking. Never making eye contact. Can't!

List in hand, yes. Windows open for Emma, yes. Doors locked, yes.
Step OVER curb, watch that uneven crack in sidewalk, and on and on it goes until finally after my last stop is done and I pray no one I know will stop and engage me in a conversation, I can get back in the car and head for my "safe" place... home!

Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly

We get there safely, Emma Jean and I, and I chuckle to myself because I remember the words that a very wise man once said, "Anything worth doing, is worth doing poorly," (thanks for that article Devin!) and I realize that even if everything wasn't done perfectly, it was done. For today at least!

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