Hard to Explain but Then Again Why Bother!

When I was 57 years old I was told my brain was that of a much older person's. Admitted for a spinal tap which was negative I was told to take vitamins.

I gave up

Pursuing the symptoms, which included weakness and using a walker, I was told the tests were negative. Over the years and many MS symptoms and two doctors literally fighting with one another, I gave up and decided to just live with all of these crazy symptoms.

Hard time digesting this diagnosis

Now I am 71 and diagnosed with MS. I was not looking for a diagnosis, I had given that up several years ago. Unfortunately, I am having a hard time digesting this diagnosis. As my neurologist says it was progressive but now is not doing anything, so is not being treated.

Why bother

My anxiety is pretty high as I do not know what lies ahead or if I am cheating myself by not being treated. I have a rare form of macular degeneration as well. Not sure how to ignore these diagnosis or what to do going forward. I recently spoke to a man who had been a dentist and he said, wow you are doing really great for someone who has had MS for many many years. So what do I say to that? Well, you should have seen me when this and this was happening. So then I say why bother!! I am doing okay at the moment other than this and this and this.... same old same old. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

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