Explaining MS to others

I find it so hard to explain to others just how one feels with MS. No one really understands unless they have been there. I would be interested in how others explain their symptoms to others. My biggest hurdle is trying to make my husband understand why I walk so slow, why I get confused, why I tire easily, why I get dizzy. This is how I tried to explain the leg weakness: Have you ever performed an athletic event that gave you an adrenaline high, only to have your legs feel like rubber afterward? Well, with MS, that is pretty much how your legs feel most of the time. However, it can vary from day to day or even from minute to minute. Just when you feel strong enough to take on the world, your legs suddenly become so weak, you aren't sure you can take another step.I am a positive person, but at times one does get down in the dumps when they have trouble explaining why they can't do something. To many people, if you look o.k., you must be o.k. I have never felt normal, since I was diagnosed-----I feel like I am in a "fog" most of the time. How do others cope with explaining MS to family and friends?

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