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Two critical items all my doctors failed to even mention!

I have had R&R for 32 years. I am soon to be 64 years old. I have become so irritated in the last couple of months researching my balance problems and incontinence. In my visits with many, many doctors, I have pressed them for more effective treatments, to no avail. Just accept “things”: use your AFO, rollator, take your pills or use patches, wear diapers/pads and supportive shoes. That’s it!

After extensive researching and more questions,I am feeling cautiously optimistic. Podiatrists refused to see me for my “drop feet” and hammertoes (DAH! balance). I am scheduled to meet with an Orthopedic Surgeon/Specialist in these areas.

I also discovered a very seemingly “obscure” and effective procedure for some female MS patients. It is a “pessary”. This tiny object is fitted into the vagina to provide support to the bladder floor. It is inexpensive and shows very favorable results for controlling, and in many cases, eliminating incontinence and all those expenses. Appointment upcoming.

Within all the articles I have read I never saw these two items specifically identified as possible area to focus on for improving mobility, bladder functions and ultimately (I pray) quality of life issues.

PLEASE let me know if you’ve gone through this process or if this information may be of help to you.

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  • Lowdramamama
    5 years ago

    Sounds like you MAY have secondary progressive MS now. I was dx’d w/RRMS in 1985, age 25… Put those 2 letters, M and S – in my COMPLETE DENIAL FILE – until 25 yrs. later when there was NO DENYING THAT “SOMETHING” was going on.
    I’ll make a long story short – but I started on Gilenya 11/2010 – & each subsequent MRI has shown no new dz activity or progression – and I’ve not experienced even 1 adverse side effect. I’m now just dealing with all the COLLATERAL DAMAGE that the “Innumerable lesions” (apparently developing for all those yrs.) have caused: inability to walk or stand for extended length of time; very poor visual depth perception; mild to severe COGNITIVE issues, especially when stressed, etc…
    You may even want to get a 2nd opinion from a different neurologist! OH – and Gilenya was developed for RRMS, but it seems to very effective for my SPMS!

  • Eva author
    5 years ago

    Thank you so much for this information and responding to my post. I try very diligently not to succumb to my limitations, but it is a struggle and I am somewhere between acceptance and denial, where ever that is??

    I have been reluctant to communicate with others in my situation, although I am sure there is much to “gleen” from others.

    Again, thank you!!

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