Multiple Sclerosis - A Fashionable Outfit?

I have read stories of how MS has affected others lives. I find these stories inspiring and encouraging as they are reminders of how each of us have our daily and unique challenges.

I recently was reading a story (I can't remember where or who wrote it... Cog Fog "Brain Fart"), how we, as those with MS wear masks of 'Feeling Well'.

The idea that we feel like crap, but, when someone asks how we are doing, we say, 'OK'.

I was reminded that I do this. I don't always acknowledge how crappy I sometimes feel.

Sometimes an analogy is helpful, to try and describe or express a feeling in words or ways that the person listening can try to understand.

I have given some thought as to some of the 'MS costumes' that I sometime wear to describe how I feel with MS at times.

"The Blown Egg"

This costume looks solid from the outside, but considering the contents have been blown out it is empty inside. It looks like it has all the healthy benefits of an egg, but it is fragile and tender. It doesn't take much to cause shell to crack and shatter, leaving nothing but mess.

"The Hollow Bunny"

This outfit is your typical Easter Bunny, looks solid, like you have it all together, but, if you get over-heated or too stressed, this costume tends to melt, leaving nothing but a melted mess.

"The Tin Man"

This stiff shows up as a strong, 'got it all together kinda outfit'. However, with spastic joints leaves the wearer of this outfit tired from trying to bend joints that won't move and an empty place where a heart should be. The heart is missing, because you are not able to do all the things you would like to do, in the time you wish to do it.

There are various more fashionable outfits and costumes we can wear, these are just a couple that I thought of that describe some of the feelings I struggle with when it comes to moving through this journey of MS.

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