We Are All Feathers Floating in the Wind

So with the trip to the neurologist yesterday and him tacking on neuropathy to my already long list, it just makes you think. You know when you're diagnosed, that your life will never be the same, but you just never think it would become what it is now.

Life is like a feather in the wind

Life is funny that way. We know it’s like a feather floating in the wind. It can change its course on a whim. The feather has no control as to where it’s being pushed and pulled. It just does what it can to remain afloat.

The single feather floating in the wind, it still has its grace, it still has it’s beauty. When a passerby sees it, they will smile. They will try to reach out and grab it, as they know it’s something they would like to have.

No control over where the wind takes us

Despite our long lists of symptoms that continue to grow, keep in mind we are that feather floating in the wind, we may have no control where the winds take us.

But it’s beautiful, it’s graceful and everyone who sees it wants to reach out and have it. For we are not lost, we are not broken. Our spirit radiates throughout. Let the winds take us where it wants to go. We will always float with grace.

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