Feeling Deserted!

A little over three years ago I was diagnosed with MS.

I was put on Copaxone, and about 9 months later had a relapse. At the time my MS Docter recommended that I go on Tysabri. I have done well on it, no relapse to this point. I am married but separated, in the process of divorce. I get tired very easily, severe leg cramps, and lack of energy.

My wife was always complaining that I never wanted to do anything,that I was "boring".  It finally came to a point that she could not handle what was happening with me, she even said that she doesn't believe in "drugs", that they were going to kill me. I explained to her again the only way that could happen was if I was exposed to the JC Virus, but didn't matter at all to her, she was already emotionally gone/disconnected.

Like a kick in the stomach, at that point I felt all alone. But I am not, I have my children to lean on and many good dear friends that care.  That feeling of being alone is slowly lessoning, I know eventually it will go away.

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