Fight The Good Fight...

Diagnosed in 2005, and still find myself trying to adjust to my life with MS. Never knowing what to expect, but am always expecting. A change, a sign, some news confirming that the battle with this "Thing", is won.

I'm a single mother to a 16yr old boy, and 11yr girl, and the challenges I've faced I feel have strengthened me spiritually, and emotionally. I found myself living in day to day mode, unable to see a clear tomorrow.

When first diagnosed, (after 8 visits to the same ER in the course of a yr, and just being sent home with antivert) I was prescribed Betaseron, which I took for 2 yrs until my body produced antibodies against the drug. Umm, let’s see, then came the long list of meds that didn’t work for me. Copaxone, Imuran, Tysabri, Gilenya, and Tecfidera. There might be one or two that I left out. I know, that’s a lot.

In all, I’m still standing (somewhat), and am hopeful that I will soon find some type of relief. Relief from the burning, tingling, painful spasms, the limitless limitations that I’ve been experiencing now for way too long. Tired and frustrated are no longer words, that I want to feel.

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