MS and the Fighter

I was always very active. I became a dancer and joined Martial Arts. It was a big part of my life. My goal as a young woman was to do something with my life that involved physical movement.

In 1989, my balance, vision, and fatigue were bothering me. I thought, phew I must be tired! Ok well, long story short I was diagnosed with RRMS.

No clue about MS

I was thrown for a loop! After all, I was strong as an ox and healthy... by the way I was also teaching aerobics. Anyway, I thought what was going on with my body? I was 29 years old and had no clue about MS. I decided I'd go back to school because I wouldn't be able to use my body and became a US teacher.

The MS took a back seat for 20 years! Meanwhile, I was back into dancing and karate. I thought it was gone for good (silly me)!!!

Quest for the new me

In 2013, my cognition was affected. I was confused... I didn't get that MS could do what it was doing to me. It definitely took me down... I thought without my brain I can't do anything! I became VERY depressed. I felt I had been faced with the best fighter/beast in the world who knocked me down and battered me in and out! I was hurting. I wanted to throw in the towel.

After about 6 months my cognition cleared a bit, but I was changed. Not as sharp as before and letting go of control was a big painful lesson that year.

I slowly rose back to my feet. And I started to fight for my life and a quest for the new me began.

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