Drop Foot Dilemma

As a teen in high school, drop foot was always an issue, but hey I was young 16 and had boys to meet, get my classes lined up in the fall, and a whole life ahead of me. Truthfully, I was so used to it, I didn't notice it, but my best friend did and wondered why I fell so much, but hey, we were young.

Finally received a diagnosis at 60

Went on to graduate got a dream job after graduation and started a whole new life. As time went on, problems kept showing up, but hey, who had time!!! Raised six sons, four adopted, worked as a paralegal until I retired. Kept going to the doctor with new symptoms, but "I don't know" was always the answer. Took until I was 60 to finally get a diagnosis.

Using a Walk-Aide to help with foot drop

Meanwhile, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, a team was developing the "Walk-Aide" that was to help improve the foot drop problem. I was on board from the beginning. The device has an electrode to the nerve in the calf and another electrode to the muscle in the calf. When I first got it, I was walking all over the place and was amazed. The device has an exercise mode button where you can sit and relax and put it on exercise. You can feel it stimulating your leg. As again, I had a busy life and never took advantage of that feature except once in a while. I have had it for 11 or 12 years and never used it to its advantage enough. I am 73 now and my leg is now 50% weaker and smaller than it used to be. My message here is if you have one, enjoy it for what it is, and always use the exercise mode. Obviously my mistake was that I didn't. That is my story.

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