It’s Not Personal… At Least I Don’t Think It Is…

It’s not personal… at least I don’t think it is…

When I forget what you have told me…for the umpteenth time in some cases… it isn’t because I’m not listening to you. That’s not the main reason anyway.

Trying to hold onto simple tidbits

I struggle every day with ‘Brain Fog’ or ‘Cog Fog’ or whatever you want to call it. The fact that I am cognitively impaired is a reality for me. Some days are better… some days are worse… but every day is a day that I deal with trying to hold on to simple tidbits of information that a ‘normal’ person has no problem retaining and recalling in a seemingly effortless manner.

I can only seem to process one or two (three at the most) information inputs at a time. And ironically the more deliberate I am in trying to file away what you are telling me, the more likely I am to forget what you said.

What's simple for you may be a multi-step function for me

While it may seem simple to you, it is really a multi-step function to remember the source, facts, context, and priority of everything that is said to me throughout a day.

Yes I could write it down, but then it becomes one of the many notes that I have laying everywhere. Not to mention that the notes I’m jotting down, that make complete sense to me at the moment, may mean absolutely nothing when I look at them later.

Remembering is troublesome even on my best days

Remembering things can be troublesome on my best days…on my worst days I may not even ‘remember’ that I have a problem remembering things.

So when I can’t recall something you’ve told me, or I ask for the 5th time what you asked me to do… please, for the love of God just tell me again.

It’s not personal… at least I don’t think it is…

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