I am a FRIEND of MANY MSers

I was grandfathered into an MS Yoga CLASS in Seattle, WA. I have Stage IV: ILBC, with Brain-Mets. I am also, an OUTLIER --- NEVER supposed to SEE age 40; I am NOW past age 65.

I guess all of the Neurological-Defects are dealt with in the SAME WAY: when in doubt --- STEROIDS.

As for COST of TREATMENT --- MS is cheaper than CANCER; by many-fold --- AMA & Big Pharma really do NOT know what they are doing with US, either. WE are told: "Medical Oncology is more of an ART; than a SCIENCE." The S.S.D.I. system, is NO FUN, either; and WAIT until you have AGED-INTO the 'S.S.A. - SYSTEM'. The C.O.L.A. does NOT keep up with your bills, either --- "YOU retired TOO EARLY, to have accrued many benefits . . ."

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