I am 60 years old in a couple of days. My quest for medical help began in 33 years ago.

I saw my doctor in 2012 with pins and needles below my knees. Serious foggy brain tortured me from teaching properly. An MRI showed multiple lesions. Both my doctor and I agreed it was MS. I have three cousins with MS but two have passed. Just last year two of my sisters’ daughters were diagnosed with MS.

In 2013, my doctor sent me to a neurologist, and he demanded I put away my prepared notes. Without looking at my MRI he diagnosed me with painless migraines. Whaaaat? My doctor was flabbergasted! So I saw another and another and both said they agree with the first neurologist.

All my problems started at 26. Super exhaustion, serious bladder and bowel problems (both of which I had surgery for), depression and so on. I saw many doctors. My list of diagnosis span from fibromyalgia to degenerative bone disease. Since 2012, I broke my left ankle, my right wrist 2014, my left wrist 2015, my right ankle 2016 followed with back surgery fusions. I’ve seen specialists for everything and the latest was so antagonistic that I decided to write him a letter.

I started with: I have as many letters behind my name as you do. I’m very well educated and not stupid. I told him to never text a friend to make plans for dinner and be distracted with the phone during an appointment with a patient. Never assume your patient doesn’t know the difference between a psychiatrist and psychologist especially when I’ve been seeing a psychiatrist for 10 years! He compared me to his other patients and said my bowel, bladder, exhaustion, foggy brain, difficulty speaking and imbalance have nothing to do with MS. I told him I’ve done loads of research but he told me that I probably didn’t research the capable sites on MS. I asked him if the MS society was a good enough resource. I left. My doctor said she sent him 27 pages of my history and he didn’t read one. She was disappointed. Just after that I ended up in hospital with double pneumonia for two weeks. My doctor noticed I’m dragging my right foot.

Here’s the thing:


If I do have MS then I’m being denied treatment! It’s just a waiting game. I’m not sure I care anymore.


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