Treatment and Genetics

I was diagnosed 6 months after my eldest daughter was born (26 years ago) at the age of 27 after quite a lot of hospital admissions and then a follow-up appointment by myself where the consultant said, "Well I think you know you've got MS don't you?" I had no idea. I went on to have a second daughter 3 years later having been assured that there was no genetic link.

At 23 years old she has just been diagnosed as was my mother at 63 years old. Genetic link? Familial link? Who knows. All I know is that I feel incredibly guilty that I may have passed the illness onto my beautiful daughter. Every day is a struggle. I now have fibromyalgia and epilepsy as well, but you put on a smiling face don't you, even though your pain is so bad you can barely stay awake, let alone get out of bed! And your heart is breaking.

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