Just Moving Right Along in My Wheelchair

I had my first quantitative symptoms in late 1998 early 1999. My feet started feely what I call numbly - my grandma always referred to as sausage toes. It eventually went all the way up to my buttocks but then slowly retreated back to my calves and feet where it stayed and never left.

An EVP, an MRI, and a lumbar puncture

I was originally sent to a neurologist we did a number of tests - EVP (to rule out diabetic neuropathy), MRI, and then finally a lumbar puncture. I swore I would never have another one of those and so far haven't.

I finally asked her what she was looking to find. She said she was trying everything. I had done research of course and had her look into Lyme disease - back then it was low vitamin count now they have a serology of some kind figured out. So, they have come far.

Nothing was definitive

When nothing was definitive the said it could be MS. So she basically said go home and fall down or lose your eyesight (optic neuritis). Well the MRIs were no good, so I didn't get diagnosed properly until another baseline MRI in 2003 (after a new symptom) and then a follow-up MRI a year later in 2004 (with a new Neurologist of course).

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