My Girl Samantha (Boxer)

I don't know many people who have MS here in the high desert of California. The heat is brutal and makes me hurt even worse than anything. My Father seems to not care if it's hurting me or not he keeps the house hot. But, when it comes to my baby Samantha who is a five year old boxer. She will cuddle and make me feel better. Not to mention she and I don't fit well in a twin so she takes most of the bed. I'm left with almost nothing but the floor which some days wouldn't be so bad due to the bed hurts my back.

Pets help us feel better and help us keep going and to fight. I know I have wanted to give up. Then I stop and think of my Samantha, who would love her as I do and the answer is no one would so I keep fighting no matter how much I hurt. But, her cuddles are mommy and baby time for us. She loves to run in the desert with our 4 other dogs (father and stepmothers dogs). So when I can go out with them to let them run I take her and let her run. She stays close and she never lets me out of her sight.

Samantha has learned my alarms for my pain meds and wakes me most times to remind me to take them, because I forget and just shut off the alarm.

She does silly things to make me laugh and smile which I find every day it gets harder and harder to do after fight years of fighting. The last year and a half has been the worse for me being here with no help with the issues.

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