Glad It's MS Instead of Cancer Part 1

As all the people wait patiently in the waiting room for results of the lady who is their mother, his wife, her sister, her daughter, her daughter-in-law, his daughter-in-law, her best friend, his church member and their coworker all try to remain calm and supportive. They are all waiting for a biopsy of her brain.

You see a few weeks ago, She started slurring and stuttering and everyone was like hum whats going on? However, it was dismissed until she talked to her mom (a retired nurse) and was told to go to the hospital and get it checked out. She thought it might be TIAs (mini strokes).

So off to the hospital she went. The ER health workers followed all procedures for someone having a stroke. They ordered a head scan and EKG to discover it was not a stroke but something else showed up on the head scan, Spots on the brain. Not a good sign but they could not do any thing that night but tell her to follow up with her doctor.

After a visit to her doctor, a MRI with and with out contrast was ordered. They discovered numerous spots and a cystic tumor on her brain. After coming back for results, she and her sister were stunned and in disbelief, that maybe she had brain cancer. WOW!

What next? They did not know but they had to do something right then "She couldn't be sick, oh God what's next, what can we do to fix this, not her, no not her!" Sister called her contacts, medical friends, and her stepsister. They got an appointment with "THE BEST NEUROSURGEON IN TOWN". Yeaaa they were getting help. He was going to fix her. It was going to be OK.

The husband, that hates hospitals, doctors and shots that would rather bleed to death than go to the doctor went with his wife.The best surgeon in town very solemnly told them they could do three things.

A Brain Biopsy
A Spinal Tap
Wait and see what happens

"Well of course they couldn't wait! Something could happen to her. She could die!" Therefore, #3 was marked out. Scared husband looks at wife "What do you want to do? It's you're head!" Husband to doctor "What would you do if it were your wife?" Doctor very serious and with authority says "Brain Biopsy" Husband looks at wife. She cries! Wife knows what she has to do. Bravely answers "OK, I'll do it!"

Then she tells doctor to please give her something for her nerves to calm her down. They schedule procedure.

So now, back in the waiting room. Everybody being strong, supportive and praying for a good outcome. The best surgeon in town walks in to husband, "We have to send it off and wait for results but from what I see it looks like MS not cancer."

Four to five weeks go by. No results every body on edge calling checking wanting to know results. Finally, the best surgeon in town calls tells wife at work and says "Results are in. IT'S NOT CANCER!"

Everyone rejoices! Every one is happy. It's MS instead of cancer! However, WHAT IS MS?

By Lori Kiker
Phoenix City, Alabama

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