A Bit of Good MS News

As many of you probably know, having MS doesn't always come with good news. In the last almost 17 years since being diagnosed, I've seen my capabilities wane over time.

I can no longer walk without a walker. I started off using a single-prong cane, then moved to a four-prong cane, then a Sure-Step cane, then two canes. Later when the two canes were no longer working, I moved to a walker with wheels, which I still use in the house. I tried using a rollator, but my legs couldn't move fast enough if it rolled away from. I eventually invested in a power scooter, and now I use an Air Hawk power wheelchair when I'm out.

I'm healthy otherwise, but not at all mobile and don't go out much. So what in my MS life could be considered good news?

Trying something new

One of the things I missed most living with MS was driving. I had actually continued driving until an accident in 2015 ended my driving career. Since then, I relied on my family to drive me around. I started driving when I was 17. To lose that independence after driving for 48 years was somewhat devastating.

After that accident, I bought a driving device that attaches to the brake and accelerator pedals to allow you to drive without using your feet. I only used it once because I was still nervous driving. The device sat for 8 years until January of this year, when my husband suggested I try using the device again.

Feeling some independence again

We spent a few hours in a parking lot while I practiced using the device. I felt like a teenager just learning to drive, but eventually the old habits returned. Now I feel that I have some of my independence again. I still need assistance getting in and out of my Air Hawk, but once I'm in the driver's seat, look out, cause I am back! And that's a bit of good news in my MS life.

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