MS Has Been My Greatest Teacher

As a personal belief, we are spiritual beings, souls, light, whatever you believe or choose to call the energy that runs all of our meat suits. We are souls, my choice of words, here on earth, in this galaxy, to have a human experience - thus we are here to learn and grow. This body, a temporary home, from which to view and learn from in life. Our perception shaping what is good or bad...

The struggles of MS have been my best teachers

Have found that the pain, embarrassments, fatigue, struggle associated with MS have been my best teachers. MS has been my greatest teacher during this human experience. It has taught me patience, the time to dig deep within my soul, to find my strength, time to think, reflect, plan, having more time around loved ones, getting to know myself, treating my emotions for what they are - feelings that are not always based in fact and are whimsy to change with attitude or perception.

Transformation through thoughts

Feeling that we are capable of transforming through a new thought - for those of us that are forgetful, each new thought is your soul seeking growth in that moment. Don't search for the thought that has left you, let's give breath to the present thought. To learn in that moment. We are either victims of our mentality or survivors through evolving our thought process.

Yes, there are bad days, where I think, why me? It's pushed me to try to look for the bright side of this sometimes unbearable condition.

I've learned that being myself, while sometimes draws stares, has always been a part of my life. It may just now be for different reasons. Yet still, it is good to be seen, for those of you that are not familiar with the aging-invisibility balance/premise yet. That is, that as we age, we become less visible or interesting as our shiny younger selves.

MS has furthered my depth of understanding

MS has taught me to be raw, open, more loving, more appreciative of what others are experiencing during the course of their human experience. In other words, thinking what cross are they bearing, what kind of day they are having - teaching further empathy and sympathy. These qualities always existed within me, it is just that MS furthered the depth of understanding of these emotions.

A healthy mind-body connection

MS humbles you, then you decide via conscious choice to embrace it or fight it. MS is yet another chance to reinvent, grow, evolve, our character. Yes, some days are harder than others, however, if you look for the lesson and know that the rough moments will pass - you can find solace. Yoga and purposed breathing have gone a long way in reducing depression, releasing frustrations, bringing me into the present moment after practicing either. It brings you back a calmer, happier person when practiced to learn to just be. When not relapsing, MS has taught me the importance of clean eating, foods that do not cause any more inflammation - the importance of regular exercise for a healthy mind-body connection.

Have always lived my life to spread joy to others, help when asked, offered when not and have been blessed with an amazing life. MS has taught that these challenging moments shall too pass. MS is my opportunity to evolve, learn from it, because of it.

MS forced me to get to the heart of matters

MS taught me that my ADHD/fast style of doing most everything in life rushed - had to change. It has slowed me down, taught me a certain peace of mind, body, and soul, one that always thought was present, that was just simply a mindset and temporary. Kind of like life.

MS has forced me to get down to the heart of matters, taught me to laugh again, look for the joys, have conversations where eye contact or great content of conversation connects me to another soul - before, was too busy to truly enjoy the connection. MS has taught me many other appreciations and gratitudes for what I can still do.

We are the authors of our own stories

MS has taught me to deal with adversity and retrained me once again to live life through focused thought, paired with belief/faith - then action. Even if the action has slowed down, we are truly the authors of our own story, the masters of our own destiny. Perception is key as our present thoughts and beliefs shape our future reality.

MS has been my greatest teacher thus far during my human experience. It has taught me how to truly love myself. There are so many more things learned - fatigue has set in.

Was wondering what are some positive traits or attributes that MS has taught you during your human experience with it? How have you grown or evolved because of it? Goodnight, thank you so much for reading and responding.


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