The Invisible MS Symptom of Grieving

Something IMO most people fail to realize is the grieving process one goes through caused by the symptoms of MS, the lack of understanding from family and friends, etc.

MS grieving

Sometimes it’s like being in a coffin with a glass window as the world continues without you. With each function taken by MS, with each event missed, with each family member or friend that has drifted away... there is a grieving process.

The things we grieve for

You grieve for the you that is no more,
And for the laughter you shared with others before.

You grieve for the words that once flowed with ease,
As you look to another with eyes that say, “Help me please.”

You grieve for your talent that inspired others to smile,
And have to accept that your body just wants to sit still for a while.

You grieve for the care giver that is still instinctively you,
As you sit and watch another do what you feel you need to do.

You grieve for the person you once thought another to be,
As your heart breaks when they fail to understand or see.

Grieving is meant for when a life comes to an end,
Yet with MS to grieve is a lifetime to spend.

Take heart my dear MSers and know,
That alone in our coffins a light can still glow.

Sometimes it’s dim and other times bright,
And even in our own darkness, we may be someone else’s light.

To grieve is human and it’s what we must do,
But we must also remember to love the you, that is you.

Smile, it’s just me.

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